Via Mare Business consulting is an international firm dedicated to helping startups and young ventures to excell and to reach their goals. Its founder, Henrik G.S. Arvidsson has over 25 years experience in international business, of those, many years working as a business consultant with both startups and global brands Our main focus is startups and deep tech, but we have a wide array of clients, from small to large, from tech oriented to brick and mortar. Previous employers include McKinsey & Co, Carnival corperation, Universities as well as a multitude of smaller firms. Welcome to our world by contacting us, together we can make your business take off!



We are a firm, dedicated to the world of small business. From more than 25 years of business experience as well as many years of experience as a business consultant for amongst others McKinsey & Co, business lecturer and researcher in international business, innovation and entrepreneurship, the idea was born.

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Business consultancy & IT/tech recruitment

We help you with everything from securing funding for your startup to building the organisation, creating strong and viable business and market plans. We can also help you recruit the individuals that will form the core team that will be the foundation of your firm. In other words: we can  assist you in every step of the entrepreneurial process, from ideation to rollout and beyond. We also help more mature organisations with business development,  change management, creating organisational structures, implementing new philosophies such as agile/scrum as well as team building. We also provide recruitment services, primarily for IT and tech companies.

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Management education and workshops

We are here to give you the best preparation for success. Knowledge is the best way to make your business truly successful. We arrange tailored teambuilding events, education in marketing, management, service management, innovation and much more.

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Surveys & market research

We help you to get a better understanding of your market and the competition.

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We helop young and upcoming clients to succeed. We are constantly involved in a number of projects spread over different countries, all aimed to in one way or the other to better the world we live in.

Current projects include:

  • Powesave ME. A new and innovative AI driven method to save energy costs and the environment!
  • Allied Minds
  • Estonian University of Life Sciences
  • JoBs4U